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Le Spielbox n°1 de cette année est sorti!

1035 Spielbox

Et comme d’habitude maintenant, le menu de ce numéro en Anglais:

Editorial 164 to go – (200 issues of the German edition of spielbox)

A Gang of Four in the Jungle: Cacao
Many Gondolas, Little Glas: Murano
Cardboard Fancywork: Patchwork
Deep Level of Strategy: ZhanGuo (L’article va bientôt paraître sur Vin d’jeu 🙂 )
Old School With Flaws: Orongo
Familiar Strangers: Abyss
Real Adventure: Alchemists (L’article va bientôt paraître sur Vin d’jeu 🙂 )
Neither Yours Nor Mine: Tiny Epic Kingdoms
Continuing a Love Letter: Lost Legacy
Track Laying With Indiana Jones: Relic Runners
Ready to Play Within 7 Minutes: 7 Steps
Demanding Bunch of Travellers: Adventure Tours
Change Your Name to Custer: The Battle of Adobe Walls
Playing Musical Shares With Sandra: Kanban

Current No Bubbles: Co-Mix
Growth in Decline: International Toy Fair, Nürnberg

Feature Logo-Rhythmics: Cover design

Regulars Early Minimalism: Oldie: Stick ’em Up!
It Ain’t No Agricola…: Print & Play

Pure Joy of Thinking Weighs to Win: Gaming scales

Interview Save Your Treasures: Stefanie D. Kuschill

spielbox Edition Publisher: Bonus card for Alchemists
Playmat for Colt Express

Evergreen As Fresh as Ever: Mah&eacute

For Kids Holterdipolter Der unendliche Fluss Alien Alarm!

At A Glance Der Rat von Verona Akrotiri Hamsterbacke Castle Crush! 

Appropos Not Suitable As a Roll Model: Puerto Rico

Tweaks and Variations Akrotiri: More difficult building / Penalty for card hoarders Moeraki Kemu: Additional winning condition Terra Mystica: Quick start Cacao: More chances of overbuilding



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