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Spielbox #7/2015 est (enfin) sorti :-)

1220 Spielbox


Et à l’agenda Anglais de notre magasine préféré, vous pourrez trouver:

Weak story, strong game: Codenames
Murder in a Surreal World: Mysterium
These Romans a Crazy!: Porta Nigra (Un peu de patience pour notre critique)
Big Game in a Small Package: Legends of Andor – Chada & Thorn
Potential Issue of Waiting a Long Time: Grand Austria Hotel (ça vient, ça vient 😉 )
Something Different At Times: Skyliners
Vaults for Wimps: Treasure Hunter
Difficulty Level to Your Taste: Abenteuerland (Adventureland) (on y revient 🙂 )
Community Charactger Beats Fantasy Fuss: Die Portale von Molthar / Teamplay
Man Bites Dog and Is Convicted for Cruelty to Animals: Extra! Extra!
Loving the Fly in the Ointment: Star Wars – Imperial Assault
Italian Abundance: Signorie (Bientôt notre article aussi 🙂 )
A Highly Unforgiving Game: Food Chain Magnate (encore un peu de patience 😉 )

To be Continued
Beasty Bar: New Beasts in Town (là aussi on y vient bientôt)
Machi Koro: Grossstadt

Onwards, Gaming Comrades!: Boardgames Viet

And Then There Were Two … : Johannes Schmidauer-König

72 Out of More Than 1,000
Novelties from SPIEL ’15 – Part 3

Donald Trumps vs. Hillary Clinton? Print & Play
Knocking Things Around: My Turn: Skill-&-Action Game
Tic-Tac-Toe as a Word Game: Oldie: Montage

spielbox-Edition (ad-on)
Harlekin. Special Card for Glass Road (Feuerland Spiele)

For Kids
Rauf und Runter
Pingo Pingo
Der Kleine Rabe Socke – Das grosse Rennen
Riesen Bilder-Rallye

At a Glance
8 (flyspeck) 28

Appropos: Co-Thong With Action Chinese Chess

Review Rating 2015
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