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Sielbox 3/2016 est sorti!

1295 Spielb


Au menu de ce numéro, vous trouverez (avec des liens vers les fiches Vin d’jeu si elles existent):

1,7 Million – and No End in Sight: 20 years of Wizard

Fearing the Parcel Man: Kirsten Hiese

A Problem to be Taken Seriously: Who‘s On First?

Marching Orders: Oldie: Elefantenparade
Making Connections: My Turn: Lines and Spaces
Meeple Incognito: Modern Game Elements

Unbounded Scientific Curiosity: Board Game Studies in Nuremberg

A Child of Its Times: The Last Spike

To be Continued
German Railroads
Ticket to Ride: United Kingdom

Mum, I Want a Child with You! Dynasties
Tricktaking Without Cards: Skull King – Das Würfelspiel (The Dice Game)
City Building with Elephants: Kerala
My Kingdom for a Dress: Shakespeare
Welcome Back to the Club: Legends
United We Fall: Pandemic Legacy
The Captain I the Last to Leave the Ship: Celestia
Insanity with Variable Duration: Ancient Terrible Things
More Than 12,000 Kickstarter Backers Wanted It: Tiny Epic Galaxy
Explotions Without the Bang: Potion Explotion
Plenty of Dragons: Simurgh
A Highly Volatile Amusement: Nitro Glyxerol
Crisscrossing the United States: Switching Tracks
Holding Out Till Someone Goes Bust: Ponzi Scheme
Groundhog Day Manga: Tragedy Looper

For Kids
Dschungel Bande
Burg Flatterstein
Das kleine Gespenst – Wettlauf zur Burg Eulenstein
Die Helden von Kaskaria

At A Glance
Raid & Trade
Games of Trains

Appropos: Heckmeck am Bratwurmeck
Tweaks and Variations: Sarkophag, Celestia; Karuba

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