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Le dernier Spielbox de 2023 est sorti :-)

Tout vient à point à qui sait attendre 🙂

Et au programme de ce dernier numéro de 2023, on pourra déguster:

« I don’t Want to Create the Third Pickomino » Reiner Knizia talks about his new game Mlem and about more than 30 years as a designer

Cows in a Hurry: Kuhfstein
Welcome High Flyers: Pan Am
Written Success Stories: Books of Time
Hot Desert Sand: Arkeis
Building and Brewing: Bier Pioniere
Sack-red Building: The Cathedral of Orléans
Mediation/Investigation Matter: Perspecitves
Poker on Drugs: Surfosaurus Max
It All Flows: Ark Nova: Marine Worlds
Sugar for Five o`Clock Tea: Tea Time Crime
Potayto, Potahto: The Same Games
Frighteningly Real: Daybreak
Romance is no More: Dorfromantik: The Duel
A Chessboard Thriller: Match of the Century

Cat in the Box
Passt nicht!
Point City
Whale to Look
5 Towers

Monkey See Monkey Poo Game
Die Nadel im Heuhaufen
Gewimmel im Dschungel

New Books: Reinhold Wittig`s Collegium magicum & Von bierbrauenden Mönchen und kriegerischen Nonnen (Beer-brewing monks and warriors nuns)
40 Years of Game Culture: A Look Back and Ahead: The historian Lukas Boch sheds light on the development of the board game industry and scene in Germany from the end of the 70s
Find: The Fluter is the youth magazine of the Federal Agency for Civid education. One issue is dedicated enitrely to the topic of gaming

« I Believe Every Translater is an Artist »: Swetlana and Michael Zimmerli from Board Game Box tell us what is important to them when translating games

Iconinc Icons: Art and Games: Andrea Kattnig and Klemens Franz see themselves less as artists than as service providers for publishers and are among the best at inventing a fast and easily unterstandable iconography

Tweaks and Variations: Pan Am
What Became of Thorsten Löpmann
Index 2023
Column: Hoffmans`s Home Play: Our Favorite Problems

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